Import Fees: What You Need To Know

Hello there, lovely customers from the EU, Canada, Australia & New Zealand! We want to ensure your shopping experience is as transparent and smooth as possible, so let's talk about a little thing called "import fees."

What Are Import Fees? When you order something from us, it will be shipped from LA, California. Depending on where you live, your country's customs authorities might want to take a look at the package and check things out. As part of this process, they may apply import fees to your package.

How Does It Work? If your package happens to catch the attention of customs, they might ask you to pay import fees before they release it for delivery. Don't worry—it's a regular process. Customs will notify you, and you'll be able to pay the fees online.

What happens with your paid import taxes if you would like to return the item?

Refund of Import Taxes: If you paid import taxes on your order and wish to request a refund for these fees, you will need to contact the delivery service that handled the shipment. The possibility of receiving a refund for import taxes depends on the policies of the specific delivery service and the regulations of your country. If you can provide proof of returning the item, the delivery service may consider offering a refund for the import taxes. Please note that this process varies based on the country and delivery service provider.