Connecting through jewelry: The creation of forever femme

Connecting through jewelry: The creation of forever femme

Hi there :)

In this blog post I want to share with you the journey of how I started forever femme - a queer jewelry brand for mainly femme presenting LGBTQ+ people. It all began around two years ago when I was on a quest to find ways to express my queerness through my appearance. I was looking for that perfect accessory that would let others know who I am without compromising my femme style. But, I have to admit, it was a frustrating experience.

I came across countless tips and tricks that suggested changing my style to appear more "gay," but most of them just weren’t for me. I love being femme, and I didn't want to sacrifice my authentic self to fit into a specific category. It was in that moment of frustration that a spark of inspiration ignited within me.

I thought to myself, "What if I could design jewelry that embraces modern classic styles while incorporating queer twists and symbols that other members of the LGBTQ+ community will clearly understand?" It was a moment that filled me with excitement and determination. I wanted to create a brand that celebrates and empowers the femme presenting LGBTQ+ community, offering jewelry that highlights our unique experiences and identities.

So, with this vision in mind, I poured my heart into designing pieces that would resonate with fellow femme queer individuals. I blended modern classic aesthetics with subtle yet meaningful queer elements, making sure every detail carried a sense of queerness. From delicate charms featuring familiar symbols like the violet or the venus sign to the rainbow bead bracelet (verlinken) that features the rainbow colors in a subtle way.

But it isn’t just about the jewelry itself. I want to create a safe space where femme presenting queer people could find ways to express their true selves (I might have some other ideas in store ;) ). It's been such a rewarding experience to see how my jewelry has brought joy and confidence to others while at the same time solving the problem of feeling invisible to other queer people. 

I'm incredibly grateful for this journey. It has allowed me not only to create a business but also to connect with amazing people who share my vision. I am also so grateful to donate 1 Dollar of each item being sold to an LGBTQ+ charity that I will be selecting together with you guys by the end of the year.

Looking ahead, I'm excited about the possibilities. I would love my jewelry to become a sort of secret language within the LGBTQ+ community where the jewelry signals being part of our beautiful community. Imagine how amazing it would be to live in a world where we can more visibly recognize each other without having to change our femme style. 

With love and gratitude,


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